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At the moment we’re forward planning for 2016 – which is only weeks away and doesn’t it sound strange when put it like that – and it looks as if the new year will be as busy as this year. We’re hoping to be more involved with the UN and to lobby Parliament a bit more in terms of cancer care and specialist patient needs.

With cuts to the NHS, the government will be forced to rely on the (equally finite resources) of charities. Our role as NGOs will be to provide appropriate intervention and to promote prevention which as we all know is better than cure.

Politically the landscape isn’t likely to change for cancer charities. The illness is an issue which the public continues to support, so economically no real apathy.But with an ageing population and more and more people registering as low income – charities like Roko Cancer will be called upon to help rescue the very vulnerable who have fallen through the cracks.

We’ll discuss how we’ll achieve that in the next post.

We’ll aim to keep these short and sweet.

If you’d like to follow us on Twitter visit @LONDONRoko or why not watch one of our films to see the cancer-screening camps we host in India. You’ll also be able to see the story of APS Chawla, our chairman and founder. You can contact him direct on chairman@rokocancer.org

If you’ve a query email finadmin@rokocancer.org

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