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November 2016:
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October 2016: Falcon Sikh School in Leicester collected £260 for Roko Cancer by providing Cup Cakes sales. Falcon school made different types of Cakes to raise funds for Roko Cancer. Cheque being received by Gurdeep Singh from Roko Cancer.
Another milestone achieved by ROKO @roko_cancer. Our honourable Chairman, Mr A.P.S Chawla has been awarded with Golden Award for his relentless services for cancer awareness & early detection to the House of Lords by Baroness Verma, Minister of Health in the presence of other dignitaries and other esteemed members. Mr. Chawla with his dedication and hardwork has made cancer screening services more available, accessible & affordable to the people in India. His vision of cancer free India may be a bit far but certainly ROKO shall make it come true with sheer determination & courage.
August 2016: Baba Lakha Singh Ji from Nanak Sar visits our Chairman Ajinder Pal Singh Chawla in London supporting Roko Cancer at their residence with other prominent people in UK.
July 2016:  Mr. Sangga’s tour to North America includes United States and Canada to propagate and meet people/dignitaries for support for Roko Cancer and our NRI’s Adopt Your Village campaign@
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June 2016: Mr. APS Chawla and Mr. Gurdeep Singh have been visiting various Gurdwaras includes visited Ealing, Southall, New Southgate, Barking, Leamington Spa Warwick  in which they are given 10-15 minutes on stage. They inform the Sangat of their activities in India especially Punjab. We also have a table outside the Gurdwara and distribute our leaflets. At Southall Singh Sabha Mr. APS Chawla was given a Siropa by the committee.

Roko Appointed Mr. Gurdeep Singh as Chief Advisor
Roko Cancer Chairman Mr. APS Chawla on Punjab tour. He visited several cancer awareness and early detections camps and facilitated several projects.
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Roko Chairman Mr. APS Chawla being Honoured by THE PUNJABI ARTS, CULTURE & LITERARY COUNCIL Leicester (UK) IMG-20150818-WA0012IMG-20150818-WA0010
Baba Balbir Singh Sichewal in London Office in September, 2015
On 18th Aug, 2015
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Baba Dhanna singh ji arrived our office on 18th Aug, 2015 and blessed us and our organisation.He promise to help us in anyway he can to complete our mission of beating cancer.
ON 14th AUG, 2015
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Mr Faujja Singh is the world’s oldest runner.He popularly known as RUNNING BABA and SIKH SUPERMAN.
We are fortunate that Faujja Singh Ji visited our office and conferred his benediction on our staff.
ON 11th AUG, 2015
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Baba Lakha singh ji-head of Nanaksar organisation visited our office and blessed our Roko Cancer and did Ardass for the success of the mission of Roko cancer.
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Twitter Akaal APS interview
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July 2015 : Roko Cancer Team Participated in London 10K Marathon 

Roko Cancer the non-for-profit charity champion in Cancer Awareness and Early Detection all over India and worldwide took part in London 10K marathon. Roko Cancer initiated the vast project in 2005 India, to create Cancer Awareness and Early Detection in order to help people suffering from Cancer in Punjab. Roko Cancer Team includes our trustee’s, donors, Management, supporters, took part in London 10K marathon to create Cancer Awareness. They affirmed that donations from London 10K marathon will be used for Cancer camps in Punjab State. Roko Cancer Chairman Mr. APS Chawla in his statement emphasized on the charity’s commitment in Punjab State and acknowledged all the participants who took part in London 10K marathon. Several NRI’s settled in UK reinforced their continuous support for the charity and showed their commitment towards the Roko Cancer initiatives. In the coming months  more Cancer Early Awareness and Detection Camps are being sponsored by NRI’s worldwide.

People donated generously in this occasion and donations are still pouring in.


Sadda LogoSadda Superstore London Sadda Superstore gave a generous donation to Roko Cancer. Sadda Superstore is an all time supporter of Roko Cancer project in Punjab. The store presented a cheque to the Chairman APS Chawla, and Director Finance Nikita Chawla. IMG_0428 Suderland Gurdwara  Sunderland Gurdwara, has been very supportive of Roko Cancer project in India. The Chairman was invited to collect a donation from them. Roko Cancer thanks them for their support. Guru Nanak Universal, Southhall, London In a special ceremony for his services for his worldwide, Mr. APS Chawla was honored by Guru Nanak Universal, Southhall, London. This was in appreciation for his contribution towards the Early Cancer Detection & Awareness campaign. Dr. Alam and Mr. Virender Sharma (MP) congratulated and honored Mr. APS Chawla in a gathering in Southhall. IMG_0516     Roko Chairman visit to Canada The Chairman addressed his supporters in 04 Gurdwaras in Toronto and 05 Gurdwaras in Vancouver. His visit was covered by Newspapers and he was invited to participate in Television Programs discussions. On behalf of Roko Cancer the chairman thanked all the NRI’s for supporting Roko Cancer towards it’s awareness and early detection campaign in their villages in Punjab.  The Chairman appreciated their generous support towards the “Adopt  Your Village Campaign”.   Chairman’s visit to Italy Our Chairman also visited Italy to address all the Adopt Your Village  supporters there and appealed for their continuous support in Punjab. He visited the Gurdwaras in Barchi, and Venezia Italy.   Donation cheque from Northampton Punjabi Association  received by Rani Saundh on behalf of Roko Cancer Campaign. IMG_0513 New Public Relations Director in UK   The trustees have decided to appoint and replace K.S Dhaliwal by Shivcharan Jaggi Kussa as Director-Public Relations in London. We welcome him into the Roko Family.

As a charity, one of our goals is to encourage big name corporates to work with us in generating cancer awareness. It was an invitation that Sainsbury’s, one of Britain’s biggest retailers, agreed to  by hosting a health drive for its employees. The session took place in London’s High Holborn and generated a great deal of interest. The partnership was designed to inspire people to make gradual lifestyle changes.


While there is plenty of cancer information and resources throughout the UK, the problem is that these tend to be generic. Cultural stigmas and myths which can surround an illness like cancer tend not to be focused on.This is an area Roko Cancer leads on by directly targeting the “old wives tales” which can cause fear and anxiety. By approaching organisations like Sainsbury’s who have a large and diverse workforce, we can encourage their employees to spread the word to friends and family who might otherwise be hard-to-reach.
The personal story of how Roko Cancer came to be is both  moving and powerful, and it resonates with people from all walks of life.
Roko Cancer is proof that something good can come from the most awful tragedy, and when the Chairman shares his story of why he set up his charity (as he did here during an awareness drive in Southall, West London) we’ve found that people are more inclined to get themselves checked-out.
During this Southwall session, Mr Chawla, urged women not to ignore the early warning signs of breast cancer and, more importantly, not to be afraid.By sharing his very personal testimony of losing his first wife to breast cancer, the message carried even more reasonance. And by reassuring women that early detection CAN and DOES lead to more successful cancer treatment, it helps to eliminate the deep anxiety that surrounds the illness. We should also bear in mind that men too can develop breast cancer too. In the UK, around 300 men each year are diagnosed with the disease. It’s known as one of the silent cancers because it isn’t talked about but the emotional trauma is no less for men.
We are fortunate that we are able to translate our leaflets into Indian dialects here in the UK which allows us to reach women and men direct. Our leaflets are written in a way that is friendly and informal so that the tone is one of shared empathy. We know that mothers are often the cornerstone of their families and will sometimes, out of sheer necessity, put everyone’s health before their own.
A busy life combining parenthood, work or looking after elderly relatives means there may be little time left for their health needs. When handing out our leaflets, we will invite one-to-one questions knowing that for some the discussion of intimate matters – such as breast examination – are areas that are rarely broached. However, by putting ourselves in their shoes we’re able to share information which helps to build trust.
Our expertise lies in detailing what happens during cancer screenings; essential for older women who may never had had a cervical smear or a mammogram. For men – we’ll discuss the process of a prostate examination. When talking through intimate procedures like this, we’ll ensure a health professional is available so that the dialogue is inclusive and friendly. We’ll also talk about patients’ rights so that people know what to expect if a positive cancer diagnosis is made and know too that it’s OK to make paramount their needs and wants.
Although Roko Cancer started out as a single issue breast cancer charity, we are now recognised for offering similar support to men on prostate cancer.Men in the UK are known for ignoring aches and pains but health professionals are very sympathetic to the embarrassment experienced by some who find discussions on health uncomfortable. Other men believe that, as the breadwinner, they quite literally cannot afford to be ill and will put off troubling warning signs until it is too late.
So our message to such men is to urge them to seek early intervention if there’s anything which feels wrong. Men (and women) are very good at explaining away problematic niggles so that they don’t have to confront potentially awkward conversations with their GP or practice nurse. We say: your life is precious, please don’t die from embarrassment.


Whether you celebrate Eid or Easter, Roko Cancer is a charity which is open to all. Our ethos is to serve the vulnerable regardless of faith, gender or cultural background. It is why our Adopt Your Village Cancer Detection Camps in India are completely free to the poor, elderly and destitute who rely on them as a lifeline. If you would like to know more, please visit the main website.


Above and below: our latest Adopt Your Village posters  NEW ADOPT YOUR VILLAGE JAN 2015_ENGLISH


Roko Cancer hosted a stall at the Enfield Town Show which was a huge success and which allowed the charity to present to council representatives, residents and local businesses on the work that we do and why. The event was designed to celebrate the borough’s multicultural diversity and in doing so created an event which was vibrant, colourful and great fun!

Enfield Town Show


Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have allowed us to reach a much younger audience. In encouraging young people to spread the word, it is our aim that the message of lifestyle changes, prevention and early detection will be part and parcel of daily life. To this end, Roko Cancer was invited to Middlesex University’s Bazaar where we had an information stall displaying our work and its results. The event raised £400 for Roko Cancer from a cake and jewellery sale.

.Middlesex University Bazaar_students


As Bangadeshi women form part of our key target audiences, Melas are essential for us and there’s none bigger or better than the Mela in Leicester. Over 1,000 people attended which meant our staff generated a phenomenal level of interest.

Leicester Mela


To celebrate the charity’s 14 years of service, a supporters’ Afternoon Tea, covered by Zee TV and other media, was held at the House of Commons and attended by guests including Sir Tony Baldry MP, Baroness Sandeep Verma, Lord Billimoria and Stephen Timms MP who kindly hosted. Roko Cancer’s chairman APS Chawla had a chance to thank donors personally and gift momentos in recognition of their kindness.

New Ashok Verma Momento photo


Lesley J Saunders, who is Asian Photography’s regular columnist, exhibited her photographs of ‘The Real Women of India’ at The Nehru Centre in London’s Audley Street during March 2011 to celebrate the 100th International Women’s Week. Proceeds from her exhibition went directly to Roko Cancer, a charity she has generously given her time to. Other VIP guests included Lord Sheikh of Cornill who kindly opened the ceremony.

Asian Photography Magazine_cover


We were thrilled to have Dr Vince Cable as a guest for a fundraising dinner at the Radisson Blu Portman hotel in London W1. The evening was kindly supported by Quest Diagnostics, Barclays Bank and other corporate sponsors. Vince Cable Other guests included Lord and Lady Sheikh, MPs Stephen Timms and Keith Vaz, cancer specialist Dr Trevor Powells and dignitaries from diverse communities. The evening was a huge success and raised an astounding £30,000. Said Dr Cable: “I am pleased with what Roko Cancer is doing for ethnic communities in Britain and India by launching its mobile cancer screening units.”   MPs’ DINING CLUB SUPPORTS ROKO CANCER Led by Keith Vaz MP and supported by over 100 cross-party MPs, the Tiffin Club was set-up for parliamentarians to raise money for their chosen Charity of the Year. Roko Cancer had the honour of launching the initiative and became the Tiffin Club’s inagural cause to support. The initiative was designed to celebrate Asian Cuisine and in doing so raise awareness in the community of the need for cancer protection. The concept caught the imagination and was named after the ‘tiffin’ which is a popular way of carrying one’s lunch. Below, APS Chawla is seen carrying the tiffins at the launch.   APS_Tiffin Club_cups   For more up-to-date news, follow us on Twitter @LONDONRoko or visit our Facebook page. To speak with a member of the London team, ring 020 7791 7509 or email